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It’s about connecting with others WELL for the purpose of doing GOOD business. Nothing is more important than the quality of your connections.
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Apr 15, 2017

I took some time this week to catch up with my friend Mark Wonderlin, of to talk about training business for filmmakers and his philosophy on networking.

Mark, a gifted filmmaker and businessman, shared his story of how he used his interest of filmmaking, marketing and business, to connect with just about everyone in the area.

We also took a little time to talk about how his training goes beyond teaching film making basics and shows filmmakers how to build a trusted network of referral partners. Mark shared his own experience of how he has worked on growing his business by connecting with his own collection of connected marketers, while still staying connected to what really matters.


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Thanks to the folks at Bradford Cowork & Community Space for providing the space for us to record our conversation.

Mar 23, 2017

I took some time during #SMWiAustin to catch up with my friend Heidi Gollub to talk about connecting with the local blogging community and working in social media.

Heidi, a mother of five, shared her story of how she used her interest of exploring all Austin had to offer her young family, to connect with just about everyone in the area.

We also took a little time to talk about what you do when you are just too connected. Heidi shared her experience of how she has worked on disconnecting from her massive Free Fun in Austin community.


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Feb 17, 2017

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